Timestrip Seafood 5ˇăC/2,4 Hours (TP-252)

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Timestrip® Food 5°C

- For Fresh Fish, Food

- 5°C/41°F threshold

- 2 ~ 4-hour run-out window

- Activation blister on top


Seafood is inert prior to activation so shipping and storage can be at room temperature or lower. Timestrip® PLUS Inactive Prior to activation, all the windows on the indicator are white.

1. To Activate

Activation is only possible when the surrounding temperature is above the START temperature of 3°C/37°F. To activate fully squeeze the blister on the indicator at room temperature, no pre-conditioning is required. The first window will turn blue and display ‘ON’. In the event that ‘ON’ doesn’t appear immediately, re-squeeze the blister firmly.

2. Apply to Product

Shortly after activating, place the indicator at or below the STOP temperature of 0°C/32°F for a minimum of 1 Hour. The blue liquid will solidify. If the environment around the Seafood is already at or below the STOP temperature of 0°C/32°F, the indicator can be directly applied to the Seafood packaging, crate or a carrying card.

3. How it Works

The blue dye will move across the windows when the temperature goes above 3°C/37°F.

4. Understanding What Happened in Transit/ Storage

If both the 2 & 4 hour time windows are white, then the shipment hasn’t been exposed to temperatures of above 3°C/37°F or for less than 2 hours. If the 2-hour window is blue, exposure above 3°C/37°F occurred for at least 2 hours but less than 4 hours prior to viewing. If the 4-hour window is blue, exposure above 3°C/37°F occurred at least 4 hours prior to viewing.


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